SafeMedTrip Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Healthcare around the world is changing rapidly because the world around healthcare is changing rapidly.

We help our clients understand the forces shaping healthcare and how they can position their businesses, brands and products to meet the emerging opportunities.

Medical Tourism Consulting Services

Established in 2010, SafeMedTrip Consultants Pvt. Ltd is a New Delhi, India based consultancy that provides marketing, market research and business development advice to clients in the area of medical tourism.

With our vast experience in international marketing and growing business for leading organisations, we have deep insights and expertise to help medical tourism clients to find the right customers in the best source markets.

We develop solutions that enable healthcare provider, developer, facilitator, tourism agencies to reach competitive marketplace and answer important marketing questions, such as: 'What facilities need to be put in place for medical tourists?'; 'Where are high potential markets for attracting international medical travellers ? ; How can we successfully position and brand our healthcare services and we build a sustainable flow of overseas customers ?.

  • Strategy


    Innovative strategies to win new markets and customers.

  • web-platforms

    Web Platforms

    New digital channels to help market your services globally.

  • brandin


    Unlock your brands true value potential.

  • business development

    Business Development

    Develop new business opportunities in emerging markets.